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Servicing the Gold Coast, Brisbane and everywhere in between, StudioLane Photography produces quality residential and commercial real estate photography at reasonable prices for agents and owners, property developers, builders, architects, hotels and resorts.

Studiolane's fast and efficient stress free service comes with an understanding of exactly what's required regarding marketing photography. Our clients are encouraged by the fact that the service comes with a satisfaction guarantee, “We’re not happy until you’re happy”. Fixed price, no hidden extra charges or costs, and we’re on time every time. Attention to detail is also a large part of the production philosophy at StudioLane. Special attention is applied to staging any given space to achieve the best outcome photographically. Any items that detract from the scene are moved away and props are introduced. Also, for best lighting conditions, photo shoots are organised at the correct time of day depending on the properties aspect. “We get it right from the start, there are no second chances when it comes to marketing. First impressions mean everything”.

Elevated Photography
With the use of elevated photography, we can attain a sense of size and space that ground level photography can’t provide. It’s especially useful for two storey homes or properties with a wall or fence in front making it near impossible to produce a decent ground level photograph. Also useful for homes on the water, we can elevate the camera to show the homes proximity to the water, and it’s perfect for acreage and blocks of land as well. Our system is totally portable which means it can be used ANYWHERE.

Image Enhancement
Each image is individually edited and enhanced to increase it’s visual appeal. This involves adjusting colour and contrast, enhancing views through windows, altering brightness throughout the scene to achieve a balanced lighting effect, correcting perspective issues and distortion that occur with wide angle lenses, adding a blue sky if the weather doesn't provide one on the day of the shoot, and other minor enhancements are included in the cost of each package. Major computer manipulation is available at an extra cost.

Speedy Delivery, Same Day or Next Day We offer a super fast image delivery service where we send both high resolution and web ready images via email. Professional voice over videos, Floor Plans and Virtual Furniture images may take a little longer.

It’s An Investment
Employing a professional photographer to photograph a property should not be seen as a cost but rather as an investment. Think of the advertising budget during a campaign, then think of the minor cost of professional photography and video in relation to the total advertising budget. The photos and video represent a minuscule cost in the grand scheme of things yet represent a large portion of marketing towards the sale. Good photography sells and attracts attention. It’s an investment that will pay for itself many times over just from the added perceived value of the property and increased interest and enquiries, all this helping to find buyers fast and potentially achieve a higher price.


  • Gold Coast Real Estate Photography
  • Brisbane Real Estate Photography
  • Elevated Photography
  • Real Estate Video Production
  • Commercial Photography
  • Builders Architects Photography
  • Hotel and Resort Photography
  • Professional Voice Over and Script Writing
  • Virtual Furniture
  • Floor Plans
  • Watermarking
  • Aerial Photography



Essential photo package - $160

Premium photo basic package - $200

Premium photo package - $250

Prestige Photo Basic Package - $270

Prestige Photo Package - $350






All prices include GST

* Please add $50 for 4k Ultra HD videos

**Extra images can be purchased @ $10 per image (Prestige Photo)


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